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Monday, April 26, 2010


Do you ever know that residents at Bukit Merah have been exposed to radioactive waste..
I just knew it...
I feel sorry for them...
here some of the story....
taken from internet....for EHS actually...

The story started in 1979; Mitsubishi Chemical, or Mitsubishi Kasei, set up a joint venture company with a Malaysian company BEH Minerals and Lembaga Urusan dan Tabung Haji called Asian Rare Earth (ARE) in Malaysia. The Japanese company has been attracted to Malaysia by a series of facilities and incentives offered by the Malaysian government to the foreign companies to invest in Malaysia.

Asia Rare Earth's purpose was to extract rare-earth from monazite in the town of Bukit Merah (Lake Town), in the state of Perak, which used to be a tin mining and farming area before. Rare-earth elements are incorporated into many modern technological devices, including superconductors, miniaturized magnets, electronic polishers, refining catalysts and hybrid car components. Based on the chemical and technical course of action in extracting rare-earth; this process results in generating radioactive wastes which has been agreed to be possessed by the Perak State Government in 1982. The Perak government selected a site at Parit as the storage dump for the radioactive waste.

A survey which has been made by SAM in 1982 shocked the nation where based on the survey's results; there were no facilities for dumping the radioactive wastes and the local authorities had no knowledge of the toxic wastes. These results showed up a gap in the Environmental Quality Regulations in which there was not any specific regulation on dumping or handling such hazardous wastes.

The local parliament member, representative of resident committees and SAM appealed to the government and Sultan of Perak (King of the Perak state) to withdraw the plan, but silence was maintained by the authorities (SAM, 1984). Later the plan in Parit was withdraw, but a new storage site was constructed in Papan. Before the storage site was built, the radioactive waste was store at the temporary open site near the factory at Bukit Merah. Investigation by SAM on the temporary site showed that the highest radiation level was 87.6 times above the permissible level (SAM, 1984). Another visiting scientist, Dr Edward P. Radford, highlighted the concern with airborne exposure radiation to the local residents within one kilometer radius from the factory (SAM, 1984).

Since the operation of ARE in 1982, the health situation of the Bukit Merah's residents has been worsen and regrettably, no environmental impact assessment has been carried out by ARE. Another shocking truth showed itself through the blood examination of the Bukit Merah's Children in 1987 and 1989 where about 39% of them suffered from a triad of mild lymphadenopathy, congestion turbinate and recurrent rhinitis. The situation worsened when two children of 5 and 7, were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 1989.

The combination of all the above elements resulted in a large demonstration and filling of a complain by the residents of Bukit Merah New Village against the harmful effects of ARE's radioactive waste on Bukit Merah's residents' health to the High Court of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. They demanded the termination of the plant's operation, clean-up of the radioactive materials and payment for the damages. The first court case had resulted in ordering ARE to suspend its operation in 1985. However, in 1987, the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) granted license for ARE to resume its operation despite the legal process which was still undergoing against it.

Local resident in Bukit Merah formed and funded own NGO, the Perak Anti-Radioactivity Committee with the assistance from environmental NGOs including SAM and CAP. With the networking strategies from the NGO network, the issues have been highlighted internationally including Japan. On top of the NGOs network, the coalition also worked closely with media for the publicity of the event.

Based on the importance of the issue and the global publicity for this case; a campaign to stop ARE's operations was started in Japan. In April 1990, Japanese group "Japan, Asia, Africa and Latin America Solidarity Committee" started a signature campaign calling for the shutdown of ARE. This campaign had badly damage the image of Mitsubishi Chemical and even the Japanese government has sent the warning to Mitsubishi.

In 1994, ARE declared its facilities in Bukit Merah to be shut down claiming due to difficulties in obtaining local monazite, and competition from rare earth producers incorporated in foreign countries, especially China. However, there have been a number of assumptions on the reality behind ARE's decision in shutting down its facilities such as the virulence of the local opposition to the factory, saving Mitsubishi's face and/or to secure an award of costs and, the highly negative opinion of the public towards ARE because of the international campaign against it.

The case of ARE is the most renowned environmental battle in Malaysia; nevertheless, there has not been any concrete resolution over it. Asia Rare Earth denounced all accusations due to the lack of conclusive evidences and therefore no compensation has been paid to the Bukit Merah's residents.

for more info, klik here

it is a good example of case study for waste management...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 done, 4 to go...

today...exam food safety..
Fail??? hope not...
frustrated?? yes..
dissapointed?? exactly..

crying is not a crime right????

Friday, April 23, 2010


Aku nak stop study la..
ble x????????????

aku x pandai..
aku pemalas...
aku tak suke exam...

tension dowh...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Bad...

I thought I was a good listener..
the fact is no..
I'm not a good listener.
no, I'm not..

and I'm not good at understand people..
but I want people to understand me..
It is my bad..

sorry guys..
sorry to all who get hurt because of me...
I'm just me..
It is hard to change..
but I will try..
try harder to be a good listener
I will try to understand people more..

I'm sorry.. :-(

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I wonder why I will feel sleepy whenever I start reading the notes...
everytime I start looking at the note, my eyes keep bluring and I feel sleepy.. can I  study like that..

Emm, thanks to my hatimanis for the trip to Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi and for the 2x5 novels...
I like it very much..
even it just for a while to be with you today but I really love it..
now, I start missing you..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


 now, all my friends are trying their dress for the dinner tonight..
so beautiful..
I dont have any beautiful dress..
I don't even know hoa to dress up properly..
I just have blouse for tonight..
of course, I want to be different for tonight..
so that people will remember me..
haha..especially my sweetheart..
unfortunately, I fail to buy the nice one..
I just want to be the perfect match for him..

happy 3rd anniversary...
thanks coz you accept me as myself..
thanks a lot
love you...

Monday, April 12, 2010

team building ehsan...

from last Friday until yesterday,
I went to ulu yam to attend the team building.
so tired and i'm not really satisfied with the activity..
mainly, I'm not satisfied with the food..
budget is big but the food given is not really enough for the participants...
hmm, I don't know..
but I'm really pity to the participants..

the activity was fun..
operasi burung hantu...
jungle tracking..

I was one of the fasilitator who wait for the particirants at check point 3...
I was with yana, enal and also Kulee...
all the groups are bullied by us..
we asked them to sang for us the dangdut song...
then we prepared for them one game before they could do the main task..
there is one group that we ask to hug and say I love u to trees..
the other group need to find two stones in the river while the other group need to kiss the stone and aslo said I love u before throwing that stone back to river..
that part was really interesting..
I laugh a lot at this time..
well, being the fasilitator was fun because we can bullied the participants..

but, frankly speaking..
it is really tiring because the two nights, I sleep really late and wake up early..
today I feel stress on my muscle...
its hurt...

whatever it is...
I hope this team building give the partipants something for them to learn and practice...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Harga Diriku - wali Band

Di dirimu aku menemukan
Yang mencintaiku
Yang menyayangiku
Di dirimu aku ketakutan
Kau biarkanku
Kau tinggalkanku

Bila kamu tak lagi denganku
Ku tak tahu apa ‘tuk jalani hidupku
Bila memang kau pergi dariku
Ku tak ada lagi di dunia ini
Mengertikah kau siang malamku
Dan tangis tawaku
Kau semua hidupku
Pandang aku pandanglah hatiku
Aku tak mampu melangkah tanpamu
Back to Reff
Bukan ku tak punya harga diri
Tapi dirimu begitu berarti
Kaulah nafasku engkau harga diriku
Mengerti aku….

dengar lagu

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the busiest and hardest week...for me...

starting monday, I had a visit to Energy Recovery at Semenyih..
near the Sungai Tekala..
Then, on Teusday, En. Rahim asked us to do the report..
and he also said that there will be second test next week..

today, we had a presentation on Research Methodology..
and I proud of myself and also my group when the lecturer said that our mistake is sikit..
memang bangge la..
astargfirullah...x baik..x baik..
jangan bangga lebih2..

tomorrow, I have final test mandarin...written test..
then, at the evening..I have vector test...
and i read nothing..
hmm,nak jawab pe sok?
let wait and see...

From friday untill sunday,
I will be at Ulu Yam..
Amber Stone Eco Resort...
handling team building as one of the AJK..
ala, AJK belakang tabir la..
orang pun tak perasan..

yesterday, I slept at 3 a.m..
finish the voting form for the next EHSAN comittee..
so, today, after distributing the form and collect it back..
my work has finish..
now, I only need to kira and wat slide to umumkan the new commitee mase dinner..
after that,
my duty is finish..
haa, I can wait to finish this...
tonight, I have meeting for team building..
tomorrow I have meeting for dinner..

I'm tired la!!!!!

mandarin drama tak siap lagi..
food safety lab tak run lagi...
sorry la guys,
because of me..
korang kene wat banyak keje..
really sorry k...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


here, some picture of my beloved and funny nephew and nieces..
photo taken when my brother in law's sister is married..
my mom and dad stayed at hotel there with kak ani and abang faizal..
oh, abang awi also there..
yes, I'm jealous!!!!


haha, kan dah basah...

comel kan..
si kakak and si adik.

siapa ijat angkat tangan..
mase ni kat hotel my mom and dad tinggal hari tu..

pandainye posing..
anak sedara sape ni????

ijat tak pandai senyum..
kakak leeya sengih..
adik peah nampak perut!!
haha, macam-macam..

ni baru ada tiga, kalau yang dalam perut kak ani dah kuar..
lagi haru agaknya..
tak sabar nak tunggu..

ooo, terlupa...
semalam besday ijat and tomorrow is besday ibu ijat..
happy birthday to both of you..
semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki..
miss you..

terasa rindu kat seseorang..
heart, do you miss me???

Saturday, April 3, 2010


narang gyeolhon hae jullae?
narang pyeongsaengeul hamkke sallae?
uri duri alkongdalkong seoro saranghamyeo
na darmeun ai hana neo darmeun ai hana nako
cheonnyeonmannyeon apeuji malgo nan salgo sipeunde
soljikhi malhaeseo naega neol deo johahae
namjawa yeojasaien geuge jotago hadeonde
naega deo saranghalge naega deo akkyeojulge
nunmuri nago himi deul ttaemyeon apeul ttaemyeon hamkke apahalge
pyeongsaengeul saranghalge pyeongsaengeul jikyeojulge
gamsahae maeil neoman saranghago sipeo
neomankeum joheun saram mannan geol
narang gyeolhonhae jullae

Rap) Marry me maeiri haengboge gyeowoseo
gwaensiri naeiri gidae doeneun saram
waeiri waeiri tteollineun geolkka
bogo tto bwado naegen jeirin sarang
geomeunmeori pappuri doel ttae kkaji
uri durui saengi da kkeutnal ttae kkaji
sone mureun mutyeodo nune nunmul jeoldae an mutyeo
neon naui banjjok gaseum nan neoui banjjok gaseum doeeo
sumeul swineun geu sungansungan neol saranghae julkke
sigani jinaseo jureumi neureonado
kkok jigeumcheoreom neowana yeongwonhi hamkke hal geoya

naega deo saranghalge naega deo akkyeojulge
nunmuri nago himi deul ttaemyeon apeul ttaemyeon hamkke apahalge
pyeongsaengeul saranghalge pyeongsaengeul jikyeojulge

gamsahae maeil neoman saranghago sipeo
neomankeum joheun saram mannan geol

Rap) neoneun machi eoduwotdeon nae sarmeul barkhyeojuneun bit
bogeulbogeul jjigaesoriro bangyeojuneun jip
mae mallatdeon nae mame naeryeojuneun bi
sarangiran cham uimiga damgyeoinneun si
haneuri jeonghae jun unmyeongui kkeun
neowa naui mannameun cheonsaengyeonbun
i sesangeul dajundaedo bakkul su eomneun nae sarmen ojik pyeongsaeng neoppun
naega deo saranghalge naega deo akkyeojulge

nunmuri nago himi deul ttaemyeon apeul ttaemyeon hamkke apahalge
pyeongsaengeul saranghalge pyeongsaengeul jikyeojulge
neomankeum joheun saram mannan geol
gamsahae maeil neoman saranghago sipeo
narang gyeolhonhae jullae

a korean song from a man to his girlfriend to propose the girlfriend...

the meaning is as below...
please, read it carefully...

Will you marry me?
Will you live forever with me?
Whilst loving each other
I want to have a child that looks like me, another one that looks like you
And live, unhurt, for 1000, or 10000 years
To be honest with you, I like you more than you like me
And people say thats better between a man and a woman
I’ll love you more. I’ll take care of you
If you cry, if you’re having a hard time, if you’re hurt, I’ll hurt with you
I’ll love you forever, I’ll protect you forever
I’m thankful that I’ve met someone like you
I want to love only you everyday
Will you marry me?

(Rap) Marry me, there’s a feeling of happiness everyday
And I look forward to tomorrow with you
Why am I nervous
You are the best, no matter how much I look at you
Until our black hair becomes white

Until our lives end
Even if I put water to your hands, I won’t put tears in your eyes
You as my half, I as your half
I’ll love you as long as I breathe
When time goes by and we get wrinkles
You and I will be together like now

I’ll love you more. I’ll take care of you
If you cry, if you’re having a hard time, if you’re hurt, I’ll hurt with you
I’ll love you forever, I’ll protect you forever

I’m thankful that I’ve met someone like you
I want to love only you everyday

(Rap) You’re like the light which lightened up my dark life
The sound of soup boiling greeting me
The rain that falls on my thirsty heart
The poem that contains the meaning of love
The string of destiny that the heavens have allowed
The meeting between you and I was meant to be
You’ll be irreplaceable even if I was given the whole world

You’ll be the only person in my life forever
If you cry, if you’re having a hard time, if you’re hurt, I’ll hurt with you
I’ll love you more. I’ll take care of you
I’ll love you forever, I’ll protect you forever
I’m thankful that I’ve met someone like you I want to love only you everyday
Will you marry me?

Friday, April 2, 2010


Its raining outside...
and also raining inside me too...

yup, untuk kesekian kalinya, maggi menjadi santapan aku...
xtau la for lunch or dinner..
dua-dua skali kot...

my fault..
duit tinggal seringgit kat dalam purse..
so, no other choice, maggi je la jadi alasperut sampai esok..
sok baru ble amik duit...

exam dah dekat tapi assignment melambak lagi..

esok ada ERP...
sampai ahad malam...
pastu busy wiyh report IHS and EHS..
assignment food safety lagi..
AGM Ehsan lagi...
Mandarin test and drama lagi..
entah bile nak abis tah...

nak makan maggi la..

Menjemput Bidadari

Bila yakin tlah tiba,
Teguh didalam jiwa
Kesabaran menjadi bunga

Sementara waktu berlalu
Penantian tak berarti sia sia
Saat perjalanan adalah pencarian diri

Laksana Zulaikha jalani hari
Sabar menanti Yusuf sang tambatan hati
Dipenantian mencari diri
Memohonkan ampunan dipertemukan

Segera kan kujemput engkau bidadari
Bila tiba waktu kutemukan aku
Ya Ilahi Robbi keras ku mencari diri sepenuh hati
Teguhkanlahku dilangkah ini
Dipenantian hakikat diri
Dan izinkan kujemput bidadari
Tuk bersama menuju Mu sepenuh hati...

Kini yakin tlah tiba
Teguh didalam jiwa
Kesabaran adalah permata

Dan waktu terus berlalu
Penantian tak berarti sia sia
Saat perjalanan adalah pencarian diri

Laksana Adam dan Hawa
Turun kebumi terpisah jarak waktu
Dipenantian mencari diri
Memohonkan ampunan dipertemukan

Bidadari tlah menyentuh hati
Teguhkan nurani
Bidadari tlah menyapa jiwa
Memberikan makna

xtau best x..
tapi tajuk die menarik..huhu..


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